Apprentice Program

Do you want to begin a journey of self discovery but don’t know were or how to start? Has something happened in your life that has caused you to take a step back and examine your life and the way you feel and think about things? Do you finally feel ready to begin the very first steps of your own magical journey of self transformation and awakening?

You have found what has been looking for YOU. The Apprentice Program is the ultimate introductory course in the gentle raising of your awareness towards inner peace and joy. No more wondering “how” or “if it’s possible” to make subtle yet powerful, lasting changes to yourself and the way you experience your life. RJ has developed very clear, simple and concise stepping stones to help you meet and exceed the challenges of everyday life.

Through the use of basic energetic, spiritual and scientific principles, RJ will share with you what has been missing from your life and how to discover it. It’s what he calls “The REAL you.” It’s never been more attainable or so easily understood until now.

Let RJ show you how to understand and live your life in a much more simple, joyous and satisfying way by incorporating your Soul’s inherent, LOVE, Wisdom and Power into your life once again. This Program has been created for anyone who is ready to step outside their worries, doubts and expectations and embrace better mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being.


Prodigy Program

Are you seeking greater awareness and the raising of your own consciousness? Have you tried conventional religion and accepted dogma and found it lacking and unsatisfying? Are you interested in truly discovering, uncovering and learning the truth in regards to our world and yourself?

In this Introductory yet advanced Prodigy Platform Class, RJ will unveil and deconstruct the fundamental truth in regards to our “reality” and the very nature of existence. We will learn about our Soul, why we are here and what the real challenge is that prevents us from experiencing our immortal, divine nature

For tens of thousands of years these fundamental truths and spiritual teachings that RJ will share with you have been kept hidden and secret from Humanity despite their efficacy in delivering freedom and spiritual advancement for all who avail themselves. This first step towards greater understanding and raised awareness is the door we all must step through on the inevitable journey towards inner peace.

The fundamental and higher knowledge teachings RJ will share in this accelerated introduction Prodigy Platform have been relayed from the Mystics and Masters throughout history in order to initiate Humanity towards its realization and manifestation of the Divine while incarnate.

Begin the process of your own Soul’s inevitable procession towards greater peace, love, joy and awareness in this gentle and powerful introduction to your transformation as guided by a Master.


Virtuoso Program

RJ has healed himself from what would seem to be the impossible…lethal infection, ketoacidosis, out of control diabetes, hypothyroidism, hashimoto’s auto immune disease, autonomic dysreflexia and being paralyzed from the chest down. He healed himself from all of these challenges within 1 year and takes absolutely no medications.

This accelerated, higher knowledge, turbo charged “virtuoso” program has been condensed from RJ’s advanced work on himself and others. He has put together a ground breaking level of awakening, healing and self-realization teachings that serve as a profound and powerful platform enabling you to reach your highest experience and expression of your Souls success in this life in an accelerated fashion.

This turbo charged program greatly increases the expediency of your highest success and fullest potential. It is “rocket ship rather than the elevatorl” towards your own self realization. This accelerated program will help you dissolve the limiting, egoic identity, anchored by belief systems, that you have created (and limits you) and unlock your highest expression of success in every facet of your life.

Through individualized coaching, guidance, the sharing of hidden higher knowledge, energy healings, mantras, specific powerful exercises and meditations, RJ will share with you how he healed his own body from paralysis, numerous diseases, infections and subsequently awakened. He will share his most advanced methods, now condensed into this life altering program. RJ will help you reach your true self, the timeless you, the immortal vibration that is your Soul when you take this truly unique course.

You will have enhanced access and availability (via preferred scheduling) to RJ which includes video chat sessions, 1 on 1 meditations, email support. energy healings, counseling, coaching and spiritual guidance.The energies that our planet is being exposed to has created an opportunity that is ripe for greater awareness and ascension. There has never been a more auspicious “now” for the expansion of your consciousness, the freeing of your Soul from the grips of your egoic mind.

You are unlimited Love, wisdom and power and this virtuoso course will show how to return your focus and experience of that very place… the Real You.

*RJ works on a limited basis regarding this course based upon his availability*



Do you want to be able to transcend the limitations of your life? Have you always wanted to know what is hidden behind this “Matrix” that we have accepted as reality? Is it your desire to understand and tap into your Souls unlimited, Love, Wisdom and Power and truly Awaken?
RJ has healed himself from lethal infection, permanent paralysis and disease and subsequently has Awakened. Through this accelerated course of higher knowledge and hidden sacred wisdom RJ will share with you the ancient wisdom of the Ascended Masters in order for you to awaken and realize your true potential in this life.

The boundaries and limitations of your created identity as well as the seemingly linear way in which we experience reality will be shattered. Through RJ’s clairsentience and truly unique ability to work with and understand intelligent energy, he will reveal and guide you through a personal transformation that must be experienced personally in order to accurately grasp its life altering impact

RJ has helped countless people wake up spiritually, achieve better health and realize their true divine potential in this life. He has shared and accessed ancient hidden knowledge that is reserved for the Mystics, Shamans and Masters who have helped Humanity evolve throughout its history. This highly advanced, once-in-a-lifetime course will be your stepping stone to the understanding and experiencing of your own awakening towards higher consciousness and spiritual advancement.

If you have always felt there is so much more to this world, this reality, this existence, this you, The Maestro Class will reveal what has been hidden from you for tens of thousands for years and guide you in the ancient ways of ascension and self mastery.



Do you desire to know what the Ancients, Mystics and Masters know and have passed onto Humanity since the dawn of time itself? Are you seeking in the most profound and sincere way for your own Self-Realization and Enlightenment? Are you ready to have the veil of time, space and limitation stripped away to discover the immortal YOU within this divine play of cosmic consciousness?
Most people simply go about their life within the false reality they have created for themselves, all the while knowing, deep inside, that there is so much more untapped potential within themselves. The reality that people experience is the manifestation of their created identity, or the egoic mind. Essentially, it is who they think they are and how they feel about themselves reflected back to them. This experience, has nothing to do with how things actually are, nor how to best work with it, but rather a false interpretation through the five senses filtered through the lens of ego and its own self-imposed limitations.

In this unique course, RJ will share with you the hidden wisdom, sacred teachings and higher knowledge that has been given to Mankind to jump start civilization after civilization. He will share his most advanced methods for Enlightenment and Healing, now condensed into this life altering program. RJ will help you reach your true self, the timeless you, the immortal vibration that is your Soul and realize your highest expression and experience of peace, love, joy and success when you take this truly unique course.You will have full spectrum access and availability to RJ which includes video chat sessions, phone conversations, 1 on 1 meditations, text messaging, email support, energy healings, counseling, spiritual guidance and powerful “tailored to you” crystal healing tools.

There was a “time” when the student would live with the Guru and study under him for 12 years before attaining self-realization. This is a different “now” and it is ripe for ascension and self-realization.

RJ has worked with the broadest spectrum of people from Billionaires, CEO’s, Medical Professionals, MD’s, Spiritualists, PhD’s, Tech Executives, Attorneys, Military, Small Business Owners to everyone and everything in between. This class, this Master Class, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with and learn from a Master.

RJ works with a very limited number of individuals per year in this manner. If you desire to experience the real, unlimited you, now, please email and provide your full contact information. All inquiries are kept confidential.



Have you suffered and you are moved to help those that are in pain
and suffer now? Have you envisioned yourself serving a greater purpose in this life?

Do you truly want to help bring about healing for yourself, mankind and this planet? Do you want an actual career where you can financially support yourself while truly being in service and giving others the greatest gift possible? If this resonates with you allow me the honor to guide you to a new paradigm, a new you, a new world. It is within all of us to heal. In fact, as we become more spiritually evolved, it is inevitable.

I can show you exactly how, step by step, to become a true Healer. I have remembered how to heal myself and have from paralysis, disease and infection. What I rediscovered is repeatable, teachable and applicable for everyone.

I will show you how to work with the “intelligent energy” that exists in the higher frequencies and dimensions in order to repair dis-harmonious states of being. We will learn how to utilize our Pure Desire and Will, which is the power of creation itself, in order to bring about healing and greater well being. I will show you how to become a powerful conduit of energy and direct it to whomever needs it, whether they are in person or if you are working remotely on someone.

I will teach you how to help heal your family, friends and pets whenever they need it. We will learn how to do this for ourselves when we need it as well. Even those not in the flesh that need healing, We will learn how to heal places too.

Imagine augmenting, if not replacing trips to various doctors or having to ingest medications that cause harmful side effects and never treat the root cause of the problem anyway?

Are you already in the Health and Wellness field and wish to enhance your current skill set? The knowledge and techniques from this course will bring more efficacies to whatever practice or endeavor you are currently utilizing.

We will learn how to help heal anyone and anything that is no longer incarnate that needs emotional or mental healing from a difficult lifetime, I will teach you how to heal physical places too.

Everything and everyone is connected. There is One Spirit moving through all Beings. I will show you how to live as spirit incarnate and bring about the remembering that is Mankind’s destiny. We are meant to heal each other and ourselves. Allow me to show you the way to our ancient future once again through this 6 week intensive Course.