the magic of laughter

The Magic Of Laughter

The Magic of Laughter By RJ Spina Isn’t it amazing how much better everything is when we enjoy a hearty laugh? Our whole outlook changes. Whatever perceived misfortune we were experiencing is gone, even if just for one glorious moment. Sometimes when we find something truly hilarious it lift us up and changes our outlook…

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my heart

My Heart

My Heart By RJ Spina We are Divine Beings lost in belief systems Perfect manifestations of Love and Compassion Harming ourselves and each other Pursuing all that is unreal in step and in fashion Stillness of Mind and Heart opens the door Love and Joy is abound No limit or fear is the cosmic landscape…

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you are already perfect


YOU Are Already PERFECT By RJ Spina Why do many of us feel that something or someone exists that will make us more joyful, BETTER or complete? Why do we imagine that some knowledge, understanding or mystical experience can magically cure our ‘unsatisfactory’ state of being? What about our longing and ‘need’ to have a…

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What Is The Tree Of Life?

We have all heard this phrase before. It appears in Religion, Mythology, Philosophy, Biology and many other ideologies. I general, it speaks to the concept that all life is interconnected as well as a notion of evolution, in every sense, but with an emphasis on physical evolution. You may, if you take a moment to…

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