The Metaphysics of Self-Healing

Higher consciousness is the chemist of our biology and the architect of form.

Disharmony originates from misperceptions that become imbedded within our energy field and manifest as sickness and disease.

Energy healing is a powerful yet gentle technique that re-harmonizes the body’s naturally harmonious energy flow. High Frequency energy removes impurities and reorganizes what has become disorganized.

The human body is designed to heal itself. The self-healing technique that RJ teaches is the one he pioneered to cure himself of chest-down paralysis and now teaches to others. Many people who were not healed by standard modalities have healed themselves using the Ascend the Frequencies Healing Technique.

RJ says, “When we stop squandering energy by thinking, emoting and acting and learn to harness our energy, we repair and heal ourselves. Emotional, mental and physical imbalances become balanced and our natural harmony and health is experienced once again.”


By harnessing the Universal Life Force, also known as Chi or Prana. RJ is a powerful conduit or Channel for high-frequency, inter-dimensional healing energy or as he calls it “Intelligent Energy.” His unique ability to understand and utilize extremely powerful yet seemingly subtle energies that exist within the non-physical realms enables energetic alignment to take place. By re-aligning your energetic templates, your physical form is shifted back into balance with your original plan for optimum health. It is through the application of this intelligent energy that accelerates and promotes actual healing and a more harmonious state of being for those suffering in any way.

RJ has successfully helped eradicate and/or reduced the following temporary conditions:

Paralysis, Cancer, Lyme Disease, Hypo/Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, Anxiety, Drug Addiction, Migraines, Insomnia, Any Physical and Emotional Pain, Overstimulated Mind, Allergies, Post Surgery Complications, ADHD and others.

Typical Benefits Include:

  • Greatly Improved relief or elimination of root cause and subsequent debilitating symptoms of condition
  • Less pain and greater control of subsequent pain
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Less stress
  • Improved overall well being
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Greater awareness
  • Lightness of Being
  • More Happiness, Peace and Joy

RJ describes Distant (Energy) Healing in this way: “Simply put, the Channel, or Healer acts as a conduit for energy to pass through them and onto the intended receiver of the healing energy. Because this utilizes the healing energy directly and not via a physical interface like a crystal or an acupuncture needle, it is not bound by the limitations of the physical interphase or object. The efficacy of distant healing, when done properly, meaning when the channel is pure, their intention clear with no traces of doubt in their mind, so called “miracles” can and do happen. When this modality is applied by a Master, their enhanced ability to channel and command higher frequential energy is amplified by their own level of Sentience or Awareness. At the highest levels of Mastery, this is achieved simply through the pure intention of the Healing Master.

“When the recipient or patient is in a state of total belief of the healers abilities, the results are often profound and can be instantaneous. The mindset of the recipient must be of faith in the Healer and total belief that they are receiving the energy they need to heal…because the truth is, they most assuredly are. How long healing takes is based upon many factors but none more important than what I have outlined above in regards to the Healer as well as the recipient.”

“Distant (energy) Healing has been practiced for literally thousands and thousands of years. It predates physical medicine as we know it today. When one hears the term “The Old Religion” they were in fact talking about this universal life force and how to harness it for the betterment of all. We are returning or remembering our ancient future once again and I am a Master of the Old Religion.”


Animals are here to remind us of unconditional love and RJ shares a deep connection to your beloved friends. Animals, just like people, can and do suffer from emotional/physical trauma they have experienced in this life and often they run the memory of these events, just like people, and carry these destructive thoughts and feelings within their energetic field causing pain, sickness and dis-ease. RJ can help clear out these disharmonious energies by severing these links embedded within their energetic templates and realigning these templates to their original synergy which promotes and allows optimum health.

RJ’s powerful ability to understand and direct “intelligent energy” that exists within the higher frequencies and dimensions promotes healing, release and revitalization for any animal suffering from any ailment whether physical or emotional. By utilizing nearly the exact same principles and techniques as when performing a healing on a person, RJ is able to help heal and restore any animal by first utilizing his pure desire and intent in order to commander the intelligent energy needed for your beloved friend.

Our furry, scaly or feathery friends have agreed to partner with us on this incredible journey and they deserve the same love, attention and respect as all creatures do. There is only one Spirit moving through all Beings, Source, and allow me the honor of helping your beloved friend feel healthy and enjoy a better quality of life.