One on One Meditation

I will guide you through the self-exploration process, step by step, in a very safe, repeatable and proficient way for you to make meditation a part of your everyday. My meditation is designed to teach you rather quickly how to free your mind from the limiting realm of thoughts and explore your divine and unlimited consciousness. Our Mind is limitation, hemmed in by our self-created identity, belief systems and subsequent thought patterns and behaviors. It is our divine right to explore our true, limitless, immortal and divine consciousness. We will learn how to control the mind and free ourselves from our own self imposed limitations.  The ability to recognize the temporary construct of the “I” will be explored during this profound meditation practice.

Consciousness and Multiverse Exploration
Course Part 1

Explore the different realities, frequencies and dimensions of our Multiverse! Through an advanced technique I will guide and show you the how to project your consciousness and explore the Greater Reality. This course will annihilate the idea that we are merely human and will allow the exploration of higher frequencies and dimensions. It is not uncommon to interact with different sentient energies and Beings during this course. We will explore different physical and energetic realities located within the lower to mid frequencies of our Creator’s Multiverse in a guided and safe manner.

Consciousness and Multiverse Exploration
Course Part 2

We will explore the mid to higher frequencies and dimensions of our Creator’s Multiverse. Interacting with advanced Sentient energies and Beings is quite common. Access to higher knowledge, different realities and the nature of existence is explored. We will learn how to project our consciousness to anywhere within our Creator’s Multiverse including the highest realms of existence. The Greater Reality is explored through a guided and very safe advanced technique of Consciousness exploration/meditation. The illusion of space/time is traversed as is the eternal awareness of consciousness. The completion of Course 1 is required in order to take this advanced class. All classes are done remotely.