Do you find yourself stuck in a pattern of negative thoughts, actions and behaviors that you can’t seem to break free of? Is your current mental, emotional and physical state of being preventing you from living a healthy and joyous life? Do you feel like you are not living to your highest potential? Do you have questions as to why things are the way they are, both with you and the world? Are you seeking the truth, your truth? Do you simply want to think less, feel better and live more aware and awake?
Through private, one on one discussions, we will uncover the false identity we have created for ourselves and the limiting belief systems that have resulted in our personal suffering, disharmony, pain and disease. By breaking free of the mental prison we have built for ourselves, we will uncover and experience a much deeper and profound sense of what we are and leave behind the limiting and false temporary who we have created.

If you are seeking in any way, these personal sessions are often profoundly life altering and provide a road map for you to experience and lead your life in a far more fulfilling, less stressful and more joyous way. Reach out to me, what you are seeking is waiting. What you are seeking is YOU.

Spiritual Counseling is intended for people desirous of expanding their awareness and the freeing of their (ego)mind. These sessions are not intended to be used as a psychic reading. We will uncover our limiting belief systems that have resulted in suffering, disharmony, pain and disease and begin releasing these patterns from your body, mind and energetic templates. We will clear a path of understanding that results in more Joy, Peace, Healing and Freedom.