In February of 2016, I became severely ill. I was diagnosed with septic shock, ketoacidosis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and hashimoto’s autoimmune disease and became paralyzed from the chest down, requiring emergency surgery. I was told by my surgeon “nobody fully recovers from this procedure and my current condition was permanent.” Several Doctors told me repeatedly that I would need medications for the rest of my life to manage my multiple diseases and physical therapists instructed me to get my home retrofitted because I was a paraplegic.

I spent roughly 3 months in a hospital/rehab facility being inundated with antibiotics, drugs, painkillers and rudimentary physical therapy. There was not much I could do on my own including not having my body function properly enough to go to the bathroom. It would seem I was beyond repair.

Well, not to the only person that creates my reality…me. I have remembered how to heal myself precisely as I told everyone that I would, moments after waking up from surgery. I am no longer paralyzed and I take absolutely no medications. My diagnosed illnesses and diseases have been resolved, even the mystery lethal infection that months of powerful antibiotics could not cure. In 1 year, all of this has been healed.

How did I do this?

Through the deconstruction of the “I” created identity, the mastering of the mind, the clearing out of residual dis-harmonious energies and the harnessing of my pure Desire and Will. Once this is understood and achieved, we realize all limitations are self-imposed.

I have remembered how to Heal and subsequently woke up, increased my chakra’s receptivity and bandwidth, which has unlocked my spiritual awareness and divine Beingness. Frequencies, dimensions and the Greater Reality within our Creator’s Multiverse is the platform in which I channel, commandeer and direct “intelligent energy” to receive whatever information needed in order to help you heal, raise your vibration, expand your awareness and help you let go of what you have held onto causing your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bondage.

Work with me and I will help you raise your own vibration, increase your awareness, help heal your mind and body, understand the nature of what we experience as our reality and guide you to what it is you truly seek…the immortal, divine and unlimited you.

The Soul is the conqueror of the Mind and Body. I am proof of this. If you are seeking this understanding, knowledge and freedom, allow me the honor to show you the way. It is your divine right to experience optimum health. The expansion of your unlimited, immortal consciousness and the inevitable realization of your True Self. All is One. I am here with U, as You, for YOU.