RJ Spina has devoted his life to teaching people how to raise their frequency, heal themselves, and experience the blissful state of being truly free.

He’d spent the better part of his life exploring profound metaphysical truths. But it was waking up from emergency surgery with permanent chest-down paralysis that awakened him to the highest truth he’d ever encountered. He could heal himself. He could walk again .This wasn’t a hope or a wish. It was something that he instantaneously knew. And he knew how he would do it.

“ My body was destroyed but I was free. It was if my old operating system of awareness was replaced with a greatly enhanced model with far greater receptivity, bandwidth and processing ability.I knew immediately and precisely how I would heal myself. I was in a state of Grace and cosmic consciousness. I was truly free.”

Within 3 months, RJ was walking with the help of the physical therapist. One month later, he was walking on his own and all of the conditions he’d been diagnosed with diabetes, pancreatitis, Hashimoto’s disease, hypothyroidism and a syndrome called autonomic dysreflexia – had been managed and resolved.

RJ has written dozens of articles about consciousness, the greater reality, meditation, the ability to project one’s consciousness and the nature of the Self. Because many of these articles have been reposted worldwide, some of them have been read tens of thousands of times. He teaches meditation, self-realization and self-healing to seekers around the world.