"My experience with RJ is one that changed my life. Instantly....I will never be able to go back. He healed me."

-Gianna - Rochester, NY

"Upon arriving for my session, RJ simply said to me, 'You have trapped fear sitting on the top of your chest at the base of your throat. I will clear that for you.' And magically, he did. All it took was one Healing and it was gone. Ten years of suffering vanished in an instant."

- April - San Diego

"RJ performed a Healing on my that was the most profound experience I have ever felt. The intense waves of energy running through my body was beyond words. My consciousness was altered as well from the powerful energy RJ was channeling. I was somewhere between sleep and awake while he worked on me. I was floored. I have never experienced anything like it."

- Susan - San Diego,CA

"I came to RJ for stress and anxiety management with very little expectations. I have to say within a few sessions I was blown away how he had me thinking in a completely different way. If you have an open mind and let RJ do his thing, you will discover a more balanced, focused and happier way to live."

- Alex - San Francisco,CA

"If healing is something that attracts you, I highly recommend that you contact RJ immediately. His advanced knowledge, experience and understanding of the subject matter is unparalleled."

-MAO/ San Diego, CA- Healer Course

"When I spend time with RJ, I find that I am able to experience myself in ways that I’ve never even considered possible."

- Jaime / San Diego, CA

"I highly recommend RJ if you want your health back, need help finding peace within or assistance on your souls journey. Gratefully."

– Kristy /Denver,CO

"The Consciousness and Multiverse Exploration Course opened a new level of meditation and consciousness understanding for me. It unlocked the way to travel through the different universes (frequencies and dimensions) on the path to the Absolute (God)."

– Maurice /San Diego, CA – Advanced Multiverse Course 1 & 2 completed

"While totally conscious and aware of the healing taking place, my mind and body were more still than I’d ever imagined was possible. I felt intense waves of energy flowing through my entire body. I began to notice the dissipation of muscle tension I never realized I had. My body felt as light as a feather."

- Paul / San Diego, CA

"I had never been guided so seamlessly to the true nature of my consciousness."

- Sam/ San Diego, CA

“I highly encourage you to look to R.J for help. His services are powerful and one of a kind!”

- Krista / San Diego, CA

“Working with RJ has been my pathway towards peace and health, for he is a conduit for higher frequencies.”

- Cathe / San Diego, CA

“Simply, RJ has helped me heal at the root.”

– Nate/ San Diego,CA

“Meeting RJ has been a life-changing experience for me. I have learned to quiet my mind and open my heart.”

- Lauren / San Diego, CA

“I am honored to have the opportunity to know RJ and feel blessed to receive his healing energies.”

– Toni/ San Diego,CA

“It is clear to me he has a direct channel to Source”

– Kris / San Diego, CA

“After 3 sessions I felt all my presenting problems were removed and now I feel back to being centered with a pervasive inner peace and grounded with much more energy and feelings of a deeper pervasive expansion on inner levels”

– Dyanne- La Jolla/ CA

“I have practiced various forms of meditation over the past 17 years including zazen, vipassana and Shambhala Buddhist meditation practices. The experience I had in twenty minutes of meditating with RJ was more profound than my experiences with these other practices, during week-long and month-long meditation retreats.”

– Biz / Los Angeles, CA

"RJ teaches how to free your mind and get out of your own way. He can help clean out deep patterns that may have been lingering for oceans of time. He is also metaphysical explorer; A true explorer of consciousness. This vast experience is why he chooses to serve as a spiritual guide."

– Adrian M.T.O.M., L.Ac. / San Diego, CA

"I was amazed by the simple technique RJ gave me to start sorting myself out and really look forward to taking my next step with his help. Working with RJ is such a pleasure."

– Jennifer / Queensland, Australia

"Rj’s teachings and wisdom have allowed me to focus on my true identity and discover my own inner peace.I am now able to effortlessly live in the present and not dwell on the past or worry about the future. No words can truly describe the positive impact he has had on my life."

– Dr. Gilly / San Diego, CA

"In my healing session, I experienced a gentle energy wave moving in my body along with peace and laughter. Since my session, I have continued to feel more peace, a greater desire to meditate, and a smoother running digestive system. I also notice I am smiling lovingly at everyone more often and acting spontaneously in ways that put our home in better order."

– Joan / Oceanside, CA

“For me, the pieces were found working with a psychiatrist, several mediums, a psychologist, a chiropractor and close friends. Only RJ’s work with me resulted in my realizing how far I had come in this lifetime. RJ was the final key.”

-Carole/San Diego